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Teeth Whitening in Peterborough: Enlighten Evolution 3

A bright, white smile can help you feel your very best and give you a great boost of confidence. And thanks to recent advancements in dental technology, a dazzling smile is more achievable than ever.

Teeth whitening systems have made it possible for absolutely anyone to get the smile of their dreams with the amazing results they produce at an affordable price.

Enlighten Evolution 3 is the latest craze to hit the teeth whitening market, a system that has been described as the biggest breakthrough for teeth whitening in the past decade.

Here at The Smile Boutique, we are extremely honoured and excited to be recognised as an exclusive Enlighten™ Centre of Excellence.

Enlighten represents an unprecedented breakthrough in tooth whitening technology. It is the only system on the market that guarantees to whiten teeth to a B1 shade, the whitest available on the tooth shade guide used in dental practices.

What is so special about Enlighten Evolution 3?

Life can get very busy and schedules can stop us from achieving the shining smile we are looking for. Enlighten Evolution 3 is designed to help achieve those results in the simplest possible way by providing you with a great smile in a workable timeframe.

Enlighten whitening is very simple to use and a hygienist can complete the clinic-based part of the process without the use of lights or high concentration gels. This gives patients the peace of mind that they will not suffer from any side effects commonly associated with teeth whitening procedures. This eliminates the risk of chemical burns which can often occur on gums, and no risk of tooth dehydration which can happen during a teeth whitening procedure during which the dentin and pulp inside a tooth expand and push water out.

Enlighten Evolution 3 doesn’t require any specific dietary requirements before being used, meaning that all foods and drinks can be enjoyed whilst still preparing for your brighter smile. The advanced system also means that in most cases, sensitivity is reduced to almost zero.

What is included in the Enlighten Teeth Whitening Kit?

Enlighten is widely acknowledged as the most effective tooth whitening system in the world. Here at The Smile Boutique, we believe that everyone deserves an amazing smile. That’s why our Enlighten Evolution 3 kit includes:

  • Custom-made whitening trays
  • Evolution Syringes Combo Pack (10% and 16% carbamide peroxide)
  • Evo White Toothpaste
  • Enlighten Tooth Serum Paste
  • Evoseal Desensitising Swabs


How does the Enlighten System work?

If you’re looking for teeth whitening in Peterborough, pop into The Smile Boutique and experience the wonders of Enlighten whitening. The treatment only takes 2 weeks to complete and can be carried out from the comfort of your own home.

Our experts create a mould of your teeth and send it to Enlighten’s dedicated laboratory, where a super-sealed bleaching tray is made just for you! This Enlighten Gel is applied to your teeth for 14 nights. On the 15th day, you visit us for a quick 40-minute surgical power-whitening session.

Enlighten Evolution 3 also includes a tooth serum that can be used during the teeth whitening process to offer more sheen and prolong the whitening effect to last even longer. This serum also protects and repairs teeth after the procedure is completed.

Are you ready for a brighter smile?

If you would like to find out more about how Enlighten Evolution 3 could improve your smile, reach out to The Smile Boutique on 01733 551 534 for an initial consultation. Teeth whitening in Peterborough has never been easier!

0% finance options are available subject to credit.

And if you’re looking for other ways to improve your smile, why not check out The Smile Boutique’s amazing Invisalign and 6-Month Smiles services? Your dream smile is just a click away…

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The treatment and professionalism given to me by all members of staff and Mr MIskry was superb.

Karen Halmshaw / 09-03-2020


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Very pleased to have made the initial decision to have treatment, better expected result!

Mr Lycett / 29-01-2020


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Timely friendly professional treatment with a smile

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Great work really pleased with final result

Martin Hollands / 23-01-2020


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Lovely friendly staff, great hygienist and dentist. Would not go back to an NHS dentist.

Hayley Dartnell / 12-11-2019



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