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Snoring is a very common issue throughout the UK. When we sleep, the airway at the back throat can become constricted.

Our airways can become constricted for several reasons. Typically, this happens when we sleep at an awkward position, causing the soft tissue and muscles to close the airway up.
This causes vibrations in the throat tissue as we breathe through our airway, creating a loud noise that we call snoring.

What causes snoring?

Snoring happens when your throat or airways become constricted.

You are more likely to snore if you exhibit any of these risk factors:

  • Being overweight – Extra soft tissue around the throat causes your airways to be more susceptible to constriction leading to snoring. The same issue can arise when a woman becomes pregnant.
  • Obstructive Sleep Apnoea (OSA) – OSA is a condition where your airway constantly gets blocked or constricted and loud snoring or choking noises happen when you try to clear their airways.
  • Older age – Muscles and soft tissues begin to loosen and can construct your airways.
  • Nasal congestion – If you can’t breathe through your nose, the more air gets pushed through your throat, increasing the snoring risk.
  • Sleeping on your back – By falling asleep on your back, gravity can pull the soft tissue around your throat downwards, causing airway obstruction.

If you are snoring due to being overweight or another medical condition, get in contact with your general practitioner for more advice on how to combat your snoring.

There are anti-snoring mouthguards and mouthpieces available in the market to help you curb your snoring issues, such as the Silensor SL.

If you are interested in getting an anti-snoring mouthpiece to manage your snoring problems, please book a consultation with us on 01733 551 534.

Question & Answer

How does the Silensor SL stop snoring?

The Silensor SL system is a pair of bespoke plastic moulds that you will wear overnight. Small plastic links on the corners connect the top and bottom sections of the mould, so your lower jaw is pulled slightly forward, holding your airways open. Since your airways are forced open, there is only a minimal constriction risk, reducing your snoring.

Can I use Silensor SL if I am missing teeth?

The Silensor SL system must be attached to some teeth. As long as the majority of your teeth remain, you could be an ideal candidate. If you have no teeth, the moulds cannot be fitted to your mouth.
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Complimentary Invisalign Vivera Retainers to keep your smile for life (worth £500)

Complimentary Teeth Whitening at the end of your treatment (worth £300)

Total savings worth up to £1,100
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Our lovely Invisalign dentist Kamran is attending Invisalign’s growth summit in Berlin this weekend, bringing back all the latest technologies to The Smile Boutique team #alwayslearning #beingthebestwecan #invisalign #peterborough #clearbraces
The Smile Boutique - Peterborough
Our Practice Manager Lindsey & Patient Care Advisor Emma are checking out Invisalign’s new offices in Birmingham today, keeping up to date with all the latest developments.#invisalign #straightteeth #clearbraces
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