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Age is just a number: Why dental implants work for all ages

27 July 2023

If your confidence has taken a hit at the hands of missing teeth, you aren’t alone.

Almost three-quarters of adults in the UK do not have their full set of teeth, and 6% have none altogether.

There are plenty of options to help restore your missing teeth, and if you’ve been doing your research, the chances are that you’ve looked into dental implants at some point.

Dental implants are a perfect solution for replacing missing teeth and restoring your self-esteem, regardless of whether you have a single tooth or several missing.

But there’s a burning question on many people’s minds: Can age affect the success of dental implants?

In this post, our experts at The Smile Boutique reveal all you need to know about why dental implants in Peterborough may be the most suitable solution to replace missing teeth – no matter your age.

Is there an age limit on getting dental implants?

Many people think dental implants are just an alternative to dentures for senior patients, but this couldn’t be further from the truth.

Tooth loss can happen at any point in your life – not just in old age – and can have many different causes, from sporting accidents and diabetes to periodontal disease.

Suitability isn’t determined by age but rather by the state of your oral health, any medical conditions you may have, and whether you have sufficient bone density.

So, if you’re in your early twenties, late thirties, or about to enter your sixties or even seventies – as long as you meet all the criteria, you should be able to undergo treatment, no problem!

Who can’t get dental implants?

As we touched on above, there are certain criteria that each patient needs to meet before they can get dental implants.

Most adults will be suitable for treatment, but everyone is different, and certain lifestyle habits and medical conditions can affect your suitability for treatment.

Dental implants aren’t recommended if you:

  • Have active gum disease – gum disease creates an environment that increases the risk of infection, so you may need to undergo additional periodontal treatment to get your gum disease under control before you can get dental implants.
  • Have uncontrolled diabetes – Diabetes slows down the body’s ability to fight infections, and since implants are a type of oral surgery, there’s a high risk of infections occurring for those with diabetes. Before getting implants, patients should try to get their condition under control and stick to a good oral hygiene routine.
  • Smoke, vape or, chew tobacco – smoking, vaping, and chewing tobacco can all cause dry mouth – which can cause bacteria to build up in the mouth and contribute to gum disease. If you’ve got your heart set on getting dental implants, you should try to quit at least one week before treatment and for up to two months after.

Are under 18 – in most cases, children aren’t eligible for dental implants. This is because bone development and jaw growth are likely still in process, and if a dental implant is placed before they are complete, it could prevent nearby teeth from erupting as normal and cause additional dental issues in the future.

Why choose dental implants over other tooth replacement treatments?

If you’re able to get dental implants, we would recommend doing so over other tooth replacement methods – like dentures, for instance.

Unlike dental implants, dentures don’t prevent bone loss in the jaw – which can cause sunken cheeks and wrinkled lips, making you appear much older than you really are – as they don’t replace the roots of the missing teeth.

Dentures can take a while to get used to, whereas dental implants feel and function just like the rest of your natural teeth, so the adjustment period is pretty much non-existent.

There’s also a lot of upkeep involved with dentures, but with dental implants, all you have to do is brush and floss twice a day, just like you would with your natural teeth.

Need more information?

Whether you’ve already decided that you want to get dental implants in Peterborough, or you need more information first, we’re here for you!

Talk to our experts at The Smile Boutique today by calling 01733 551 534, or email [email protected] and we’ll get back to you with more details or to arrange a suitable date and time for your consultation!



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