Sports Mouthguards

Custom made gumshields made by one of our practitioners are made from the highest durable materials. Gumshields help protect your teeth from damage whilst playing contact sports, only a professionally made gumsheild can give you the protection you need & deserve. While over the counter mouthguards are available and offer some protection against chipped or damaged teeth, they do not protect the important structures that support your teeth.

Our exciting range of sport gumshields come in any colour including team colours (email us you logo for a personalised quote) and patterns and are used in many sports including:

  • Rugby
  • Tae kwon do and other martial arts
  • Ice hockey
  • Hockey
  • American football

Our custom made gumshields are made xactly to the contours of your mouth, ensuring maximum protection when it is need most, for further information please contact The Smile Boutique on Peterborough 01733 551534 or fill out the contact form on this page. We are happy to here from any clubs or schools who are interested in gumsheilds with their logo, we are also able to offer the wearers name to be sealed inside.

We are proud sponsors of Peterborough Rugby Club Mouthguards.

Invest in a custom made gumsheild! Don't leave it until it is to late

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